Informational Illustration for Kids

October 18, 2011

I was recently invited to participate in developing a child-friendly version of some informational literature on the history, lifecycle and many uses of aluminium in partnership with IDI Studio ( for The Aluminum Association website (

The challenge:  To take the information provided and transform it into an appealing and informative visual narrative for kids, emphasizing the value and importance of aluminum recycling.

I chose to develop a narrator, ‘Tab’ for the timeline and subsequent fun facts and figures about the use of aluminum.

The medium: A combination of simple hand sketches scanned in and re-drawn/assembled in Adobe Illustrator

The result: A fun and visually appealing breakdown of one of earth’s most valuable resources. On the website, the child is able to scroll through a page by page version of the timeline and the uses of aluminum, as well as having the opportunity to download the information directly as an Ebook for the iPad and other mobile devices!

To view the project at its source, visit:



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