Problem Solving

July 14, 2011

Problem Solving – overcoming obstacles to find the solution that best resolves the issue.

Solving a problem visually is more than the execution of an image – it involves the connecting of words and images, vigorous research, drawing reams of thumbnail sketches, taking numerous reference shots, lots of creativity…and a touch of risk.

  1. Problem: To create a creative, visually appealing and readable poster to advertise the Fall 2009 Richmond Folk Festival.  Solution: The marrying of a stringed folk instrument with a jack-o-lantern in a bed of fall foliage, emphasizing both the music and the season.
  2. Problem: To design a spread for “The Landscape of the Mind,” an article about the many complexities, compartments and varied functions of the brain.  Solution: Photographing a compartmentalized type box filled with objects related to various functions of the brain, visually reinforcing the idea of the capacity, variety and organizational capabilities of our brains.
  3. Problem: Producing a book cover for Ogden Nash’s “Book of Light Verse,” a volume of humorous poetry exposing the quirks and idiosyncrasies of humans in everyday life.  Solution: Childish in tone yet deep in meaning, a child strides naively along with his bright balloon (usually a symbol of carefree weightlessness and frivolity) trailing sadly behind.

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